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Terms and conditions

Certificates are available for the dates listed on the website. For research, contact the General Register Office or a civil registration office.

We aim to post certificates in 10 days. Delivery times will vary from country to country. To help us find the record, please provide all relevant information. We post certificates using standard post. We are not responsible for any certificates which go missing in the post.

If we can’t find a record, we may contact you by email or telephone. When applying, it is helpful to include email and telephone details for this purpose.

If we are unable to find the record, we will send you a full refund. We will make a decision on any refund on the merits of each case. If you are unhappy with any decision, you can make an appeal to the Office of the Ombudsman.


You can buy an adoption certificate if:

  • the adoption was domestic
  • the record is in the register held by the General Register Office

Contact the Adoption Board for Inter-country adoption records.

If the life event took place in the United Kingdom the following contact details may be useful:

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