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Order an Irish death certificate

You can order a short-form or long form death certificate online.

Phone or walk-in orders

You can order a certificate over the phone from most civil registration services. Some have a walk-in service. You do not have to order it from a service in the area the death took place.

Phone orders take around 5 working days to process.

Information you need to provide

To order a death certificate, you need to provide:

  • full name of the person who died
  • date of death
  • name of street, hospital, home, town where the person died
  • former address of deceased
  • the person's age at the time of their death


A death certificate costs €20.

Postage costs:

  • €2 for each order in Ireland
  • €3 for each order outside of Ireland

Years certificates are available for

Certificates are available for deaths registered in the:

  • the Republic of Ireland from 1 January 1864 to present
  • Northern Ireland from 1 January 1864 to 31 December 1921

Page last reviewed: 31 January 2023
Next review due: 31 January 2026