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Minding your mental health at work

Your mental health is often directly affected by your work and workplace. Learn how to mind yourself.

There is a connection between your work and your mental health.

Being mindful of mental health in the workplace will improve your:

  • focus
  • concentration
  • performance

How to mind your mental health at work

Reclaim your lunch break

Make the most of your breaks and take time away from your workspace. Get outside for fresh air and invite some colleagues to come along with you. This will help you get re-energised for the rest of your working day.

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Team activities

Participating in a team can give you a communal sense of achievement. Some workplaces have clubs or societies that you could become involved with. Others encourage team events such as fun runs or park walks.

Work better, not longer

Getting the right work-life balance is an effective way of avoiding stress at work. Working long hours will take a toll on your energy, concentration and health. It's important to create clear boundaries between work and home. Try not to let work spill over into your personal life.

Ask for help

Talk with a colleague, manager or HR department if you feel your work is impacting on your mental health. Some employers may have an 'employee assistance programme' that you could contact.

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Outside work

Talk with any of the mental health services or supports available.

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