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Building your self-confidence

We’re all different, but the one thing we have in common is that nobody is perfect.

Many things make you who you are.

These include your:

  • personality
  • background
  • race
  • gender
  • religion
  • sexual orientation and identity


One way to work towards accepting yourself is by building self-confidence.

Self-confidence is how you feel about yourself in relation to others. If you have low self-confidence, you may think less of yourself compared to other people. You may compare yourself negatively to other people and criticise yourself a lot.

If you have difficulty accepting yourself for who you are, it can impact on your mental health.

Self-esteem is how you feel about your own worth and personal value. It is a big part of your mental health and it impacts every area of your life.

Instead of listening to your critical voice within, focus on your values. Make decisions based on what you need rather than what you think you should want. You can weaken this critical voice by choosing realistic goals. Set small steps to achieve them.

Building your confidence

Talk it out

Whatever worries or negative thoughts you have, there is always something you can do to feel better. Talk to someone. This could be a family member, a friend or a health professional.

Talking will help you get a different perspective on a problem. It will also help you to see things clearer.

Find the good things. There is beauty in everyone. Think about the things you like about yourself and the things you have done that make you feel good. Focus on the positive. Try to concentrate on positive things about yourself. This will help build your self-confidence and self-appreciation.

Talking to someone about what's troubling you

Keep a gratitude journal

List 5 things you feel grateful for each day.

Do good deeds

Helping someone else will make you feel good too. Try doing 3 nice things a day for others.

Enjoy the journey

Make sure you have fun and do things you enjoy. This will make you feel happier and more positive about yourself.

Do not be too hard on yourself

If you make a mistake or things do not go as you hoped, try to be kind to yourself. Instead of criticising yourself, learn from what happened. Think about what you might do differently in the future.

Page last reviewed: 1 September 2022
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