Parenting advice and getting support

As a parent, it's important to trust your instincts. You can also ask lots of questions if you are unsure about something. Don't be afraid to ask for support if you need it. Both you, your partner and your baby are learning.

Where you are parenting in a relationship, support each other and trust each other. It can be very busy when you are a new parent. Make sure you make time for each other and mind each other.

Parenting advice

You can get great advice and support from family, friends and neighbours who may have been through similar experiences. It is good to talk to other parents about their experiences and the tips and ideas they have found useful.

You will get advice based on other people's experience which may be different to your experience. Only take advice which is in the best interest of your child and family.

Trust yourself. You know your baby best. If you are making informed choices then you are making the best decisions for your baby.

Enjoy your baby as if 'the days and nights are long but the years are short'. Enjoy your baby and enjoy each stage of their life.

Be realistic

It's important to be realistic about expectations from yourself, your partners and others. We all want to be good parents but we have to let go of being a perfect parent.

You can work to be the type of parent you want to be.

Perfect parents don't exist

There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Be a good enough parent. We all learn through trial and error. Notice what you are doing well. Praise your partner for what they are doing well, let them know they are doing a good job. Learn from mistakes.

Learn to be flexible and embrace change at each stage of your baby, toddler and child's development. Each stage brings its own joys and challenges.

Challenging times for parents

Being a parent is rewarding, but it can bring its own challenges.

Every parent needs support at some point, especially at more difficult times. It may be more difficult if:

  • this is your first baby and you are unsure of what to expect
  • you do not have a partner or a support person to share the joy and the work
  • your relationship with your partner is in difficulty
  • you feel there is support for your baby and your partner but little to support you
  • you now live away from your home and family
  • you are under financial pressures and strain
  • your baby is unwell or you are unwell

Extra support at difficult times

Getting help and support is important. Ask your public health nurse about supports available such as parent and baby support groups.

Tusla provides support to families through their Family Resource Centres.

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