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Using the HSE audiology service

The HSE audiology service offers free help with hearing loss for:

  • all children
  • adults with a medical card

To use the service, you'll need a medical professional (such as your GP) to refer you.

The service can:

  • diagnose problems with hearing
  • treat hearing loss, for example by providing hearing aids
  • service and repair hearing aids
  • give advice about using assistive devices, such as induction loops
  • provide emotional support if you or your child is experiencing hearing loss

If you are referred to the service, you will be told which audiology centre to visit.

HSE audiology centres

Help for children

The HSE audiology service is free for babies and children up to the age of 18. It is also free for students until they leave college (third-level education).

Your child can be referred to by their:

  • GP
  • public health nurse
  • ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultant
  • paediatrician
  • speech and language therapist

Newborn babies can be referred through the newborn screening programme.

Help for adults

The audiology service is free for eligible adults in Ireland. Your GP or ENT consultant can refer you to the service.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

Sometimes, audiology services can be provided by private providers who have a contract with the HSE.

To make sure the services are high quality and safe, we monitor and audit patient data. We do this in line with your patient data protection rights.

Page last reviewed: 31 January 2023
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