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Supports for hearing loss

Below is a list of organisations and charities that have information and supports for:

  • deaf people
  • hard of hearing people
  • families of deaf or hard of hearing people

Support for adults and children


Chime is a charity for deafness and hearing loss.

Through Chime you can access:

  • services and resources
  • social workers
  • mental health professionals
  • assistive technologies

Phone: 1800 25 62 57

Text: 087 922 1046

Irish Deaf Society

The Irish Deaf Society is the largest deaf-led organisation in Ireland. It seeks to achieve and promote the equality and rights of deaf people.

It provides:

  • information and training
  • classes for deaf people
  • advice for parents

Phone: 01 860 1878

Text: 086 380 7033

​Support for children and parents

Our New Ears

Our New Ears (ONE) is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation run by parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Phone: 087 761 7950

Sharing the Journey

Sharing the Journey was set up by parents to give information and support to other parents of deaf and hard of hearing children.

Phone 1: 087 916 3168

Phone 2: 085 722 5659

Sound Advice

Sound Advice gives advice about hearing technologies and digital tools for young children and students. It also advises parents, educators and others on using hearing technologies.

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