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  • If you're worried about your child's hearing

    Learn about the childhood hearing checklist and key hearing milestones for your child from newborn up to 5 years.

  • If you're worried about your hearing

    The HSE's audiology service or an ear nose and throat department (ENT) can help if you are worried about your hearing.

  • Using the HSE audiology service

    The HSE audiology service provide help with hearing loss for children and adults. A healthcare professional can refer you to this service if you need it.

  • Audiology centres across Ireland

    When you are referred to the HSE audiology service, you'll be told which centre to visit. Find contact details for ​audiology centres across Ireland.

  • Organisations that can help with hearing loss

    ​Chime, the Irish Deaf Society, Sharing the Journey, Our New Ears and Sound Advice are all organisations that can help with hearing loss

  • Hearing tests for babies and children

    Your child's hearing test will take place at a paediatric audiology centre. Read about what happens during the different hearing tests and how to prepare.

  • Tests for hearing loss in adults

    You can get a hearing test at your local audiology centre. Find out about what happens during hearing tests for adults and how you will get your results.

  • Hearing aids

    Read what happens when you need a hearing aid, how they are fitted and how often you need to attend appointments.

  • Coping with hearing loss - help for adults

    Hearing loss as an adult can have a big impact on your quality of life. Find out how the HSE audiology service can help you cope with a change in your hearing.

  • Get your HSE hearing aid checked or repaired

    The HSE's National Hearing Aid Repair Centre offers free repairs and maintenance of HSE hearing aids. You can also post your hearing aid to us for repair.