Diabetes and mental health

It can be difficult telling people that you have type 2 diabetes. But it can help for certain people to know.

Family can support you - especially if you need to make changes to what you eat.

It's important your colleagues or employer know you have type 2 diabetes in case of an emergency.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can affect your mood. Telling a healthcare professional or family member can help them understand how you feel so they can support you.

You can bring a family member, partner, carer or friend to any diabetes support course. The course can help them to support you.

If you have a medical card you can get free counselling sessions from the HSE's Counselling in Primary Care service (CIPC). Talk to your GP for more information.

Online Resources

You can complete a free online stress control course. This may help you boost your well-being and learn skills to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

Free online stress control courses - stresscontrol.ie

Minding your wellbeing is a HSE video-based mental wellbeing programme. It can help you learn more about mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience.

Relaxation and mindfulness exercises

More support

Get mental health advice and support

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