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Preventing burns from flames

Children are fascinated by flames and fire and do not understand the risks. Naked flames can burn your child and cause fire.

Hand sanitiser

If your child is using hand sanitiser, beware of the fire safety risk. Hand sanitisers are alcohol-based and highly flammable. Do not use alcohol-based sanitiser near heat or a naked flame.

Emollient creams

There is also a fire safety risk if you are using certain emollient creams to treat your child's eczema or dry skin. These creams are very good at treating eczema. But be aware of the fire risk linked with them.

Emollients will not cause a fire on their own. But if there is a build-up of emollient residue on clothing and bedding, this can quicken the speed of a fire.

Emollients and fire risk


Keep lit candles out of reach of children. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Open fires, stoves and heaters

Always guard open fires, stoves and heaters with a fireguard and spark guard.

Secure the fireguard to the wall.

Never put anything on top of the fireguard like clothes as they could catch fire.

Keep heaters away from curtains and blinds.

Matches and lighters

Children will want to get their hands on matches and cigarette lighters. Keep matches and cigarette lighters out of sight and reach of children.

Fire dangers in your home

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