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Preventing burns from chemicals and household products

Some household chemicals inside and outside the home can cause burn injuries and skin reactions.

These include cleaning products and gardening chemicals, such as weedkiller.

Your child can get internal burns after swallowing a chemical. They can also get eye injuries and skin burns from coming into contact with chemicals.

Household chemicals that may burn include:

  • liquids, powders, tablets, pods and capsules for washing machines and dishwashers
  • bleach and bleach products
  • cleaning products
  • floor and furniture polish
  • bathroom cleaning products and bleach products
  • oven cleaners and drain cleaners
  • weedkiller and insecticides

Keeping household chemicals out of reach


  • Keep all household chemicals in secure cupboards, out of your child's reach.

  • Use cupboard safety locks and buy products with child-resistant caps. Be aware that child-resistant does not mean child-proof.


  • Do not leave household products open or unattended while you're using them.

  • Do not use soft drink bottles to store cleaning products or chemicals. Your child could mistake them for a soft drink. Children can suffer serious injuries from swallowing poisons.

Page last reviewed: 22 October 2022
Next review due: 22 October 2025