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Amber teething jewellery

Amber teething beads are often sold as baby 'teething aids'. They have caused serious injuries and deaths.


Never use amber teething jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

They are not safe and could choke or cause strangulation to any child under 3 years of age.

Choking risk

The jewellery usually contains many small amber beads. These can shatter into smaller parts. This can cause choking.

Aspiration risk

The small amber beads can also come loose from the string and be swallowed or inhaled. This can cause aspiration.

Aspiration happens when something you swallow goes down the wrong way. It enters your lungs instead of your stomach.

Aspiration can lead to lung infections (pneumonia) and partial lung blockages or lung collapse.

Strangulation risk

The string on amber teething beads can tighten around your child’s neck or get caught on an object. This can lead to strangulation.

Never put any kind of cord, string or chain jewellery around a baby’s neck.

Infection and other risks

Other risks of amber jewellery include:

  • skin infections
  • mouth infections
  • restricting blood flow in the arms or legs, depending on where the jewellery is worn
  • allergic reactions

No evidence that jewellery is helpful

The people who make amber teething jewellery say that wearing amber jewellery releases a pain-relieving substance absorbed through the skin.

There is no convincing scientific evidence to support these claims.

Tips to help your teething baby

Child safety checklist for parents including child proofing (PDF, 5.32 MB, 2 pages)

Child safety wallchart for parents including basic first aid (PDF, 3.22 MB, 4 pages)

Page last reviewed: 20 October 2023
Next review due: 20 October 2026