Apply for a medical card

The quickest way to get a medical card or GP visit card is to apply online.

For those included in your application, you will need to provide:

  • PPS numbers
  • dates of birth
  • income and expense details

Postal applications

To apply for a medical card by post, download the medical card application form (PDF, 451KB, 20 pages).

You can also LoCall 0818 22 44 78 to order one.

Make sure all your information is correct and include all supporting documentation. If you have any questions about the form, call us before you fill it out.

Post the completed form to:

National Medical Card Unit,
PO Box 11745,
Dublin 11,
D11 XKF3

We aim to process applications within 15 working days. Incomplete applications will take longer.

Page last reviewed: 21 October 2018
Next review due: 21 October 2021