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Appeal a medical card decision

We will inform you, in writing, if you do not qualify for a medical card or a GP visit card.

This will include:

  • a statement of the means assessment on your application
  • the outcome of any discretionary consideration
  • details of how to request a reassessment and how to appeal the decision

Ask for a reassessment

If you believe the means of assessment statement is incorrect, supply information so we can recheck your application.

Ask for a reassessment if you have information that was not included in your original application.

Medical reports provided by your GP or hospital consultant will be assessed by a medical officer. You may be granted a medical card or GP visit card on a discretionary basis.

Appeals office

You may make an appeal to:

The National Appeals Office,
An Clochar,
Ballyshannon Health Campus,
College Street,
Co. Donegal

The appeals process

The appeal will be conducted by HSE staff who were not involved in assessing your original application.

The appeals process considers if:

  • income and expenses have been appropriately assessed
  • you are in a category of people who are exempt from the financial means assessment

The appeals office will forward your correspondence to us if they believe a reassessment is more appropriate.

This may delay a decision and you are advised to pursue the reassessment option first. If you request a reassessment and an appeal at the same time, this will delay the decision.

Make a complaint

If you have a complaint about the medical card application process contact:

Medical card complaints,
Suzanne Doyle,
Complaints Coordinator,
Primary Care Reimbursement Service,
North Road,
Dublin 11,
D11 XKF3

Phone: 01 864 7100 (ext 7108)

Page last reviewed: 20 January 2023