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Drugs Payment Scheme refunds

You can claim a refund if you or your family paid more than €80 in a calendar month for:

  • approved prescribed drugs and medicines
  • rental costs for a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine
  • rental costs for oxygen

You have to register with the Drugs Payment Scheme before making a claim.

How we calculate refunds

We can only give refunds for items bought in a pharmacy that has a GMS contract with the HSE. Most pharmacies have a GMS contract.

We pay refunds at the approved HSE Drugs Payment Scheme reimbursement prices paid to pharmacies or other suppliers by the HSE. But a pharmacy or other supplier can charge you more.

This means you may have paid more than €80 in a calendar month, but you might not be entitled to a refund. For example, if you paid €90 for an item that has a €70 reimbursement price, you cannot get a €10 refund.

How to make a claim

Download and complete the Drugs Payment Scheme refund claims form (PDF, 830KB, 2 pages).

Include all prescription claims forms or a paid copy of a supplier’s invoice.

Post everything to:

DPS Refunds,
PO Box 12966,
Dublin 11

Check the status of a refund

You can check the status of your claim online.

We will send you a reference number when we receive your claim for a refund. You will receive the reference number by letter or by text message.

Use your reference number to check the status of your claim online.


Phone 0818 224 478 or email if you submitted a claim and have not received a reference number.

Page last reviewed: 6 October 2022