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Drugs Payment Scheme card

You can apply for a Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS) card if you or your family pay more than €80 a month for:

  • approved prescribed drugs and medicines
  • rental costs for a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine
  • rental costs for oxygen

If you have a medical card, you do not need a DPS card.

If you have a DPS card and you paid more than €80 in a calendar month, you may be entitled to a refund.

Drugs Payment Scheme refunds

Who can apply

Anyone living in Ireland and intends to live here for at least 1 year can apply.

There is no means test for a DPS card.

Family applications

A family is an adult, their partner and any children or dependants.

Include any family member who can't maintain themselves and has:

  • a physical disability
  • an intellectual disability
  • an illness

Include a medical report for any family member who cannot maintain themselves.


To add a new baby or a dependant, email or call 0818 224 478

Applying if you have children in full-time education

If you're applying as a family you can add anyone age 18 to 23 in full-time education.

To do this, complete section 2 of the Drugs Payment Scheme application form (PDF, 226KB, 6 pages), or the Scéim Íocaíoctaí Drugaí Foirm Iarratais (PDF, 743KB, 6 pages).


Anyone over the age of 18 not in full-time education must apply for their own card.

Check the status of your application

If you apply online you get a reference number. You can use this to check the status of your application.

If you apply by post and provide a mobile number, we text you your reference number. If you do not provide a mobile number, we post the reference number to you.

How long cards are valid for

Your card will have a ‘Valid to’ date on it. You can also use our online eligibility status check to see if your card is still valid.

If your card has expired you will need to apply again. The quickest way to apply is online.

Problems with your card

Call 0818 224 478 or email if your:

  • card is lost or stolen
  • address has changed
  • name has changed

Drugs Payment Scheme,
Eligibility Unit,
PO Box 12966,
Dublin 11

Page last reviewed: 6 October 2022