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How to use the HSE data notification service

You need to have registered before 26 May to use the HSE data notification service online.

Request documents

You can no longer request your documents online.

If you want copies of the documents related to you, you can make a request by post.

Documents requested before 26 May

If you requested your documents before 26 May, you will still be able to view these online.

We will send you a text message when they are ready to view or download.

Log in to the HSE data notification service to view or download the documents.

You will have 10 days to download the documents. They will be removed from the service after this time.

Request a call from the HSE

If you requested a call-back before 26 May, your call will still go ahead at the time and date you requested.

If you have not made a request but want to speak to someone, phone HSE Live during their opening hours.

Missed calls

We will leave you a voice message if you miss our call.

We will try to call you 3 times.

If you miss 3 calls, we will cancel your call. Phone HSE Live during their opening hours to request a new call-back.

Page last reviewed: 26 May 2023