Registering for someone else

You can register for someone else if they:

  • have got a letter from us about the cyber-attack
  • cannot register themselves online

If your letter relates to someone under the age of 18 that you are a parent or guardian of, use your own details to register.

Pick a time that suits you both

You will need to be with the person you are registering.

This is because you need to:

Arrange a time that suits you both and gather information you will need in advance.

Information you need to register

To register someone else online you need:

  • their unique PIN - you will find this on the letter we sent them about the cyber-attack
  • a mobile phone number
  • an email address
  • a smartphone
  • their photo ID, such as a passport, driving license or public services card


Use an email address you have access to when you register. This can be your email address, their email address or any trusted email address you have access to.

We will send a code to the email address. You will need to enter this on the data notifications service. This is to verify the email address.


You can only use an email address once to register. It may be best to create a new email address for the person you are registering rather than using your own.

Mobile phone number

If possible, use the mobile number of the person you are registering for, not your own number. This is because we will send a text message when the person's documents are available, if they request them.

If you use their number

They will need to tell you the 5-digit verification code we send them by text at the start of registration.

Let them know they will receive notifications by text message to their phone.

If you use your number

You can use your own number to register them. But this means you will get their notification text messages.

Only give your contact details if they have given you permission to receive this information on their behalf.

Page last reviewed: 29 November 2022