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Registering someone else - User guide for online COVID-19 vaccine registration

You can register someone else for their COVID-19 vaccine if:

  • they cannot register themselves online
  • you are their parent or guardian

Read advice for registering a:

Registering a child

Only parents or guardians can register children under 16.

Provide your child's information

Provide your child’s information throughout the registration except for when you’re asked for contact details.

You'll need to provide their:

Provide your contact details

Enter your own email address and phone number.

We will use these to send:

  • a verification email
  • a verification text message
  • text messages with appointment details
  • text messages with any other updates they need to know about

You need to click on a link we send to verify the email address within 24 hours of receiving the email. You may need to do this on the same device (phone, laptop or desktop computer) being used to register.

Give your consent

You will also need to:

  • give consent for your child’s personal information to be processed by the HSE
  • give consent for your child to be vaccinated
  • answer some medical questions for your child so we know it is safe to vaccinate them
  • share any appointment details with your child when you get them by text message or email

Registering another adult

Pick a time that suits you both

You may need to be in contact with the person you are registering during registration. It's best to arrange a time that suits you both.

You may also need to ask them some questions if you do not have all the information you need.

It's best to gather information in advance. When you press the "Start now" button you will choose their group and join the queue.

When it's your turn, you'll have 10 minutes to accept a place on the system.

Then you will be asked to create their account by entering their name, a mobile number, an email address and their year of birth.

Information you need to register

To register someone else online you need:

You will also be asked to provide their:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • mother's maiden name (last name before marriage)
  • gender
  • nationality
  • ethnic background
  • GP's name or GP practice name

Contact details

You'll be asked to enter a mobile number and an email address for the person.

You will need to decide whether to use their contact details or your own contact details.


Use an email address you have access to during the registration process. This can be your email address, their email address or any email address you have access to.

You need to click on a link we send to verify the email address:

  • within 24 hours of receiving the email.
  • on the same device (phone, laptop or desktop computer) being used to register

You can use the same email address to register more than 1 person, if you need to.

Mobile phone number

We recommend you use the person's mobile number, not your own, if possible.

Text message is how we will share:

  • vaccine appointment details
  • any updates about their vaccine

The person will need access to these text messages when we send them.

If you use their number

They will need to tell you the 5-digit verification code we send them by text at the start of registration.

You should also let them know they will receive appointment details by text message to their phone.

If you use your number

You can use your own number to register them. But this means you will get their vaccination text messages.

Only give your contact details if:

  • you are prepared to pass all of their appointment information on to the person
  • they have given you permission to receive this information on their behalf

You can use the same mobile number to register more than one person, if you need to.

Creating a password for their account

You will also be asked to create a password for their account. Make sure to note this down so you don't forget it.

If you do forget it, you can reset their password.

If they do not have a PPS number

If the person you are registering cannot find their PPS number, read our advice on how they can find their PPS number.

If they have never been employed in Ireland or used social welfare services, they may not have a PPS number. In this case, call the COVID-19 helpline to register by phone instead.

If you need to register more than 1 person in 1 session

You need to log out after every registration if you want to register someone else.

Use the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

If you cannot register online

If you cannot register online, call HSELive.