About mental health supports and services

Mental health supports and services provided or funded by the HSE are divided into 4 levels.

Level 1 supports and services

These are available to the general population. They include mental health promotion, self-help and information supports.

They help to promote positive mental health, wellbeing, resilience and safety.

Find mental health services offered at level 1

Level 2 supports and services

These supports involve contact with one-to-one services. For example, counselling, therapy or a support group.

Talking to your GP is the best way to get advice on how to access these services. Some of them might require a referral letter from your GP. You may be able to refer yourself to others.

Level 3 supports and services

These are specialist HSE mental health services.

These services include:

  • child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)
  • general adult mental health services
  • psychiatry of later life services

To access these services you need a referral from your GP.

Level 4 supports and services

These services include:

  • inpatient mental health services
  • residential addiction services
  • forensic mental health services

You need to be referred to these services by your GP or one of the Level 3 services.

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