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Reasons to get help for your mental health

There are many situations that might make you think about getting support for your mental health.

Going through a difficult time can make you feel down, sad or anxious for some time. You might feel overwhelmed and not able to think straight. If you have low energy, you might lack the motivation to do your normal activities.

You might also be:

  • avoiding people
  • having panic attacks
  • feeling anxious that something terrible might happen

Friends or family have noticed a difference

Your friends and family may have noticed a difference in you.

Your work, interests, or your feelings towards your family and friends may also be affected. You may not want to engage with the people around you.

Other reasons to get help

You might not be able to shake off your mental health difficulties, despite trying your usual coping strategies.

Some other reasons to get help are when you feel:

  • life is not worth living
  • people would be better off without you
  • ashamed or embarrassed to speak to anyone about what is going on for you
  • it is too late to get help because it feels as if things have gone too far

Reach out to someone

Taking that first step towards getting support can be difficult. You may feel afraid or embarrassed. But it can also be the most positive move you can make.

If you're worried about your mental health:

Find organisations that provide mental health supports and services

Page last reviewed: 1 September 2022
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