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Get help when you quit smoking

If you want to stop smoking, getting the right help can double your chances of success.

You get personalised support when you sign up to a Quit Plan.

You can also get help to quit through:

Support from your stop smoking advisor

At our stop smoking clinics we offer 1-to-1 support by phone, video call or in person.

A stop smoking advisor will support you through the quitting process. This starts 1 to 4 weeks before your quit date and can continue for up to a year.

Video: Quitting with the help of a stop smoking clinic

Your stop smoking advisor will:

Make sure you’re ready to quit

Your advisor will help you identify:

  • your reasons for quitting
  • what you like and dislike about smoking
  • the positive and negative effects of quitting for you

Assess your nicotine addiction

Your advisor will ask you about your smoking history, habit and triggers. This will help you to find ways to avoid smoking that work for you.

Your advisor will measure your carbon monoxide levels. Carbon monoxide is a chemical found in cigarette smoke. When you smoke, carbon monoxide takes up some of the place for oxygen in your blood. This reduces the amount of oxygen that goes to your heart, brain and other vital organs.

Carbon monoxide levels decrease as you stop smoking. The advisor can measure your levels again when you have stopped smoking to see your progress.

Help you prepare to quit

Your advisor will help you make the right Quit plan for you to stop smoking.

They can help you choose a treatment to stop smoking, such as NRT or prescription treatments from your GP. If necessary, they'll refer you to your GP for follow up.

Find a stop smoking clinic near you

Group support

Our group support sessions last 7 weeks. Groups meet for an hour. The sessions are facilitated by a trained stop smoking advisor.

At the sessions, you can:

  • check your progress
  • talk about any difficulties
  • swap coping tips
  • encourage each other

The stop smoking advisor will:

  • assess your nicotine addiction
  • recommend medical treatment that might work for you
  • measure your carbon monoxide levels

Online support

You Can Quit is an online community for people trying to quit smoking.

Visit the You Can Quit Facebook page

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