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Child Health

  • Headaches in pregnancy

    Headaches are common in pregnancy. They are more common in the first trimester (0-13 weeks) or third trimester (27-40 weeks). Read more about the causes of headaches during pregnancy, how to treat them and when to seek help.

  • Zika virus and pregnancy

    If you are pregnant, the Zika virus may cause serious birth defects. There is no medication to treat Zika so it is important to take precautions if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Read about the Zika virus symptoms.

  • Colic in babies

    Colic is the name for excessive crying in a baby who appears to be healthy. Colic in babies can be very distressing. Find tips on how to help a baby with colic.

  • Reflux in babies

    Reflux is where some of the contents in your baby's tummy leak back up into their mouth. This is different from vomiting. Reflux is common and can affect up to 40% of babies. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of reflux.

  • Meningitis and septicaemia in children and babies

    Meningitis is a very serious illness for your baby. There are two main types of meningitis: bacterial and viral. Bacterial meningitis can lead to septicaemia (blood poisoning). Learn about meningitis and septicaemia symptoms.

  • Breathlessness or chest pain during pregnancy

    Breathlessness or chest pain during pregnancy may be a warning sign that something is wrong. There are occasions that you should see your your GP, obstetrician, midwife or emergency department immediately. Learn about these signs.

  • Tooth decay in children

    How to prevent your child getting tooth decay, good routines to get into and the food and drinks to avoid.

  • Febrile convulsion - seizures in children

    How to tell if your child is having a seizure (fit), what to do, and when to get urgent medical help.

  • Asthma in babies and children

    Asthma can affect your child's breathing. Learn the symptoms and how to treat it, and what do if they have an asthma attack.

  • Hand, foot and mouth disease in children

    Hand, foot and mouth disease is a highly contagious illness that is common in children under the age of 10. Learn about the signs and symptoms to look out for