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Vaping (using e-cigarettes)

Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that create a vapour which lets you inhale nicotine without the need for tobacco. This is known as 'vaping'.

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Electronic cigarettes ('e-cigarettes') use batteries to heat up nicotine, water and propylene glycol or glycerine with flavourings. This creates a vapour that lets you inhale nicotine without smoking or using tobacco. This is known as 'vaping'.

Using e-cigarettes to stop smoking

E-cigarettes are still fairly new, so we don't yet know how safe they are or if they help people stop smoking. Because of this, we don't recommend e-cigarettes to help you quit smoking. 

It is better to use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). NRT is safe and doubles your chance of quitting successfully. You can also get prescription treatments to help you quit smoking. People using NRT and prescription treatments together to quit smoking can increase their chances of success by more than 3 and a half times.

Getting support

If you want to stop smoking, we can help. If you're already using an e-cigarette to help you stop smoking, we can also help.

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If you're worried about e-cigarettes, contact one of our trained advisors.

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