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Reasons to quit smoking

There are lots of good reasons to stop smoking. Smoking is bad for you - 1 in every 2 smokers worldwide will die of a tobacco-related disease.

The health benefits of quitting start right away. You’ll also be protecting your family from secondhand smoke. Smoking won’t dictate your daily routine, and it’ll be easier to keep your home and car clean.

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Protecting your family from secondhand smoke

When you stop smoking, you will:

  • reduce your risk of life-threatening diseases
  • save money - use our savings calculator to find out how much
  • have better skin, teeth and hair
  • have nicer smelling clothes
  • improve the air quality in your home
  • be a good role model for your family and friends

We can help you stop smoking. Our Quit Programme offers free support tailored to your needs. You can also sign up to a free, personalised Quit plan to help you stop smoking.

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