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Make time for family and friends to improve mental health

Some of the advice on this page may be difficult to follow during the coronavirus outbreak. Read more about minding your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak.

Good relationships are important for your mental health. It's worth putting effort into your friendships or making new friends. Friends help you to cope with the problems that life throws at you.

Healthy relationships can make life more enjoyable. Sharing things with trusted friends and family will go a long way. They can keep us grounded and help us put things into perspective when we are struggling to do so ourselves.

Tips for staying in touch

You might not have family or friends living nearby or you may have lost touch over the years. This can sometimes be a source of distress.

Don't be afraid to get in touch, even if it has been a long time.

Take the first step

Make contact with friends or family. Dedicate time to connect with your family, friends and colleagues.

Arrange a day out

Make an effort to contact friends you may not have connected with recently. It can help to suggest a few dates and make a plan.

Exercise with others

Having a partner to exercise with is a great way to motivate yourself to get more physical activity. Improve your physical and mental health and catch up at the same time.

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Reduce your screen time

Don't use electronic devices when you are in company. Put your phone away, close your laptop, turn off the television and have a chat.

Join with others

Take any opportunities to make new connections and get to know the people who live near to you.

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