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Medical cards for people from other EU countries

EU citizens are entitled to healthcare in other EU countries.

To get a medical card you must submit a completed medical card application form and an E-form.

An E-form is issued in your country and confirms that you are part of a health insurance scheme in another state in the EEA or Switzerland. The HSE will also fill in parts of the E-form.

You may qualify for a medical card if your country confirms that you are entitled to healthcare here. If so, you will not need to provide us with a financial assessment. But if you are working here, you may not qualify for a medical card under EU legislation. You may still qualify for an Irish means-tested medical card.

Insurance from another country

If you are insured You are entitled to healthcare under EU legislation if you are insured in:

  • any EU member state
  • any EEA member state
  • Switzerland

Frontier workers

If you live here and are employed somewhere within the EU and return here at least once a week, you are entitled to a medical card.

You will need to complete a E106 form. Your dependants are also entitled to a medical card.

Posted workers

Posted workers are employed in one member state and sent by their employer to work in another member state.

If you are a posted workers working in Ireland, you are entitled to a medical card if you provide an E106 form from your country.

Any dependants you have are also entitled to a medical card, if they are not working here.

Where to send the form

You can email or post the form.


Email the completed form to:

Make sure you also send scans or photos of all supporting documentation.


Post the completed form to:

National Medical Card Unit,
PO Box 11745, Dublin 11

Make sure you include copies of all supporting documentation.

Page last reviewed: 20 January 2023