Medical cards for people from other EU countries

EU citizens are entitled to healthcare in other EU countries.

To get a medical card you must submit a completed medical card application form and an E-form.

An E-form is issued in your country and confirms that you are part of a health insurance scheme in another state in the EEA/Switzerland. The HSE will also fill in parts of the E-form.

You may qualify for a medical card if your country confirms that you are entitled to healthcare here. If so, you will not need to provide us with a financial assessment. However, if you are working here, you may not qualify for a medical card under EU legislation. You may still qualify for an Irish means-tested medical card.

Insurance from another country

People insured in any EU member state and people insured in any EEA member state or in Switzerland are entitled to healthcare under EU legislation.

Frontier workers

If you live here and are employed somewhere within the EU and return here at least once a week, you are entitled to a medical card. You will need to complete a E106 form. Your dependants are also entitled to a medical card.

Posted workers

Posted workers are employed in one member state and sent by their employer to work in another member state. Posted workers working in Ireland are entitled to a medical card if they provided an E106 form from their country.

The dependants of the posted worker are also entitled to a medical card, if they are not working here.

Send completed forms to:

Client Registration Unit,
P.O. Box 11745,
Dublin 11

If you have any questions before you send your application Lo-Call 0818 22 44 78

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