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Prior notification for your healthcare


This content is currently being reviewed. Read about your rights in cross-border healthcare under EU law and the regulations for cross-border healthcare under Irish law.

Prior notification from the Cross Border Directive (CBD) office in Ireland can tell you if you:

  • have followed the correct process to access healthcare abroad under the CBD
  • will be eligible to claim reimbursement towards the cost of your healthcare

Prior notification is optional.

You do not need prior notification if you are having day-case treatment abroad. Day-case is treatment that does not involve an overnight stay in hospital.

But if you are travelling abroad for inpatient care, we advise you to get prior notification. Inpatient care is treatment that involves an overnight stay in hospital.

Benefits of prior notification

Before you travel abroad, you’ll have:

  • confirmation that you're eligible to claim a reimbursement towards the cost of your healthcare
  • an indication of how much of the cost of your healthcare you can claim back based on the diagnosis-related group (DRG) code your consultant uses

It also gives you time to decide if you:

  • can afford to pay for the healthcare upfront or can get funding for it
  • are comfortable with the consultant and the hospital abroad
  • are willing to pay for any shortfall between the cost of the healthcare abroad and how much you can claim back - you are responsible for paying any shortfall

Getting prior notification

To get prior notification, you must send us:

We usually take about 20 working days to review and decide on your prior notification.

Completing the prior notification form

You and your consultant abroad must complete and sign the prior notification form.

You complete section A.

Your consultant completes section B. They must enter the correct DRG code for the inpatient treatment you will get.

The consultant can get the correct DRG code from the Admitted patient price list summary (inpatient) (PDF, 418 KB, 13 pages).

Send the completed form and the supporting documents to:

HSE Cross Border Directive,
National Contact Point,
St. Canice's Hospital Complex,
Dublin Road,

If your healthcare changes

On the day of your healthcare, your consultant abroad may decide you need different or extra healthcare.

In this case, you can only claim for the healthcare you get. This may be different to the healthcare on your prior notification form.


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Page last reviewed: 20 March 2024