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Preparing for your online health appointment

Follow the advice on this page to get ready for your online health appointment.

Devices you can use

Online health appointments usually use video. You can join your appointment on a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone that connects to the internet.

Check that your device has a working:

  • camera
  • microphone
  • speaker

Before your appointment

Here are things you need to before your appointment starts:

  • Make sure you have your link to the appointment - you’ll get this through text, email or letter from your healthcare professional.
  • Make sure your device is fully charged.
  • Make sure you join your appointment a few minutes early so you can check your camera, internet connection, microphone and speaker.
  • Pick a quiet room for your appointment so you can hear clearly.
  • Choose a brightly lit part of the room to do your call. Make sure you're not backlit - being lit from behind can make it hard to see you on video.
  • Ask for privacy during the call so that you will not be interrupted.
  • If you're using your smartphone, do not hold it in your hand, rest it against something on a stable surface, for example a book on a table.
  • If you need to show a body part during the appointment, wear clothes that make it easy for you to do this.
  • If you need to, download software onto your computer before the appointment.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask your healthcare professional.
  • Follow any other advice your healthcare professional gives you.
  • If you will be doing exercises during your appointment, make sure to have space to move and that your healthcare professional can see you. Have any exercise equipment you need ready.

Your internet connection

Your internet needs a minimum speed of 2Mb per second. You can check your internet speed on a speed test website.

If you’re using your computer, connect to the Wi-Fi in your home. You can connect directly to your router or modem using an ethernet cable. This can improve your internet connection.

If you’re using your smartphone, you can use your Wi-Fi or your data on your phone.

Online health appointment platforms


You may need to download software before your appointment.

Web browsers

We recommend using Google Chrome for your appointment. It works for each of the platforms.

Attend Anywhere

You do not need to download software to use Attend Anywhere. You can join through your browser.

You can use Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Read about setting up your appointment on Attend Anywhere

Blue Eye

You do not need to download software to use Blue Eye. You can join through your browser.

You can use Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Read about setting up your appointment on Blue Eye


You can join a Salaso appointment through:

  • your browser - use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge
  • the smartphone app - download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store

Read about setting up your appointment on Salaso

T-Pro eClinic

You do not need to download software to use T-Pro eClinic. You can join through your browser. Use Google Chrome.

Read about setting your appointment on T-Pro eClinic


You can join Webex through:

  • your browser
  • the smartphone app
  • the desktop app

You can download the smartphone app from Google Play or the Apple Store.

When you join the appointment on your computer, you will be prompted to either download the desktop app, or join from your browser.

Read about setting your appointment on Webex

How to join your appointment

Your healthcare professional will send you a link to your appointment by text message, email, or letter. If you do not have this yet, contact their office.

Join the call a few minutes before the appointment starts. This helps to make sure you will not be late joining the appointment.

To start the call, select the link that you were sent. You may be asked to allow the browser or software to use your camera and microphone.

During your appointment

Speak clearly and do not be afraid to ask your healthcare professional to repeat themselves if you cannot hear them properly.

Ask them any questions you may have while on the call.

Your appointment is private

Online appointments are safe and secure. 

The call will not be recorded without your permission. Do not record the call yourself without discussing with your healthcare provider.

Helping someone else with their online appointment

If you are helping someone else with their online appointment make sure they're happy to speak to their healthcare professional using the online platform and camera.

If they do not want to do an online appointment, their healthcare professional may arrange another type of appointment.

Helping your child with their online appointment

If you're helping your child with their online appointment, explain to them how the call will work.

Try to pick a time for the appointment when they will not be hungry or tired. This will help them to concentrate on the call.

Tell them to look at the screen and speak clearly to their healthcare professional.

If they have any questions, they can ask their healthcare professional, or you can ask for them.

Tell them that their healthcare professional might want to see a part of their body. For example, if they have a sore throat they might need to open their mouth wide towards the camera.

If you have problems with your online health appointment

Get help with your online health appointment, including common technical problems

Giving feedback

Give feedback on your online appointment using this feedback form

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