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About online health appointments

Online health appointments let you talk to your healthcare professional online, without having to leave your home. These appointments usually happen using video.

Online appointments are available for many hospital and community services in the HSE, such as:

  • non-urgent care
  • getting results from your healthcare professional
  • mental health care
  • chronic disease management

Ask your healthcare professional if they do online appointments.

Online appointments might not be suitable for certain conditions. For example, if your healthcare professional needs to do a physical exam.

Blended care

Blended care means you meet your healthcare professional in person sometimes, and online other times.

Benefits of online health appointments

Online health appointments are:

  • less time consuming - you do not need to travel to your appointment
  • cheaper - you do not need to pay for transport or parking
  • easier to organise - you do not need to get time off work or a childminder
  • more environmentally friendly - fewer car journeys

Page last reviewed: 10 November 2021
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