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Help with your online health appointment

You may have some technical issues during your online health appointment. Your healthcare professional will understand.

Read advice on issues people sometimes have with online health appointments.

If your online health appointment stops

If your call stops in the middle of your appointment you can rejoin the call from the same link. On some platforms you can select 'refresh' to re-start the call.

If it still does not work, you might need to:

  • switch to a phone call instead of a video call
  • reschedule the appointment
  • book a face to face appointment

Slow or unstable connection

Check your internet speed to see if it's fast enough for a video call. The minimum speed needed is 2Mb per second.

You can check your internet speed on a speed test website.

To get a better connection, try:

  • closing other tabs in your browser
  • asking other people on the Wi-Fi network to not use video streaming while you're on the call
  • turning your camera off
  • moving closer to the internet router (modem)
  • connecting to your router using an ethernet cable

If you're having sound issues

If your healthcare professional cannot hear you, check that:

  • you're not on mute
  • your microphone is connected
  • your microphone is not covered
  • your microphone is plugged in and powered on if it's external

If you cannot hear your healthcare professional:

  • check that you've connected to the audio correctly
  • ask your healthcare professional to speak more clearly or more loudly
  • check that the sound is turned up on your device

Using a headset can sometimes help with sound issues.

If you cannot see your healthcare professional

If you're having issues seeing your healthcare professional on screen:

  • ask them to turn on their video
  • ask them if they can see their own image
  • make sure you have the correct app open on your screen
  • make sure you have a stable internet connection

If your healthcare professional cannot see you

Check that your camera is turned on.

Check that your browser is allowed to use the camera - this might come up as a notification in your browser.

If you're using an external webcam, make sure it is plugged in and powered on.

Make sure you are in a bright room. Make sure the light is front of you or beside you, but not behind you. Being lit from behind can make it harder to see you on camera.

If the online health appointment does not work

If the call does not work out, do not worry. Your appointment will not be classed as a 'Did Not Attend' (DNA).

You'll be able to reschedule your appointment.

Other troubleshooting tips

Read more tips for your online health appointment:

Page last reviewed: 10 November 2021
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