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Roscommon Injury Unit


Roscommon University Hospital, Athlone Road, Ardsallagh Beg, Roscommon, F42 AX61

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090 662 6972


This injury unit is for anyone age 5 and older

Opening hours

Monday, 8am to 8pm
Tuesday, 8am to 8pm
Wednesday, 8am to 8pm
Thursday, 8am to 8pm
Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 8am to 8pm
Sunday, 8am to 8pm

When to go to an injury unit

Injury units treat injuries that are:

  • not life-threatening
  • unlikely to need a hospital stay

They can help with many of the injuries people go to the emergency department for. For example, broken bones, dislocations, and minor burns.

You do not need an appointment to attend an injury unit.

You can get treatment such as x-rays, plaster casts, and wound care in an injury unit.

If they cannot help with a problem, they will direct you to where you can get the right help.

Injury units can treat:

  • broken bones, sprains and strains, from knees to toes
  • broken bones, sprains and strains, from collarbone to fingertips
  • minor facial injuries (including oral, dental and nasal injuries)
  • minor scalds and burns
  • wounds, bites, cuts, grazes and scalp lacerations (cuts)
  • small abscesses and boils
  • splinters and fish hooks
  • objects stuck in eyes, ears or nose
  • minor head injuries (fully-conscious patients, who did not have loss of consciousness or vomit after the head injury)

How much an injury unit costs

It costs €75 to attend an injury unit.

There is no charge for patients with a:

  • medical card
  • medical or GP referral letter
  • referral from an emergency department

Non-urgent advice:Contact a GP if:

  • you are unwell with other symptoms

Contact a GP out-of-hours service if your GP surgery is closed.

When to go to an emergency department

Go to an emergency department instead of an injury unit for:

  • injuries to the chest, tummy (abdomen) or pelvis
  • serious head and spine injuries

Emergency departments deal with serious injuries and life-threatening emergencies.

For example, if someone:

  • is breathless
  • is feeling unwell and getting sicker very quickly
  • has not peed in over 12 hours and does not need to pee
  • is not feeling well and has become confused and agitated
  • is very pale with cold hands and feet
  • is dizzy when they sit up or unable to stand
  • has developed a rash that does not disappear when pressed down

Immediate advice:Call 112 or 999 now if:

  • you or someone needs urgent medical attention
  • a life is at risk

Service location

This service is in Roscommon University Hospital.

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