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Registering a birth, death or marriage

Register a birth

When your child is born, the hospital staff, doctor or midwife will send the civil registration service a birth notification form.

A 'qualified informant' will still need to register the birth within 3 months of the date of birth. A qualified informant is usually a parent or both parents.

Registering a birth is free.

How to register a birth

Download and complete a birth registration form (PDF, 2 pages, 294kb).

Bring the completed form to any civil registration service, no matter where in Ireland the baby was born. Some civil registration services have a walk-in service. You need to phone and book an appointment for others.

Bring photo ID

Bring a valid photo ID and a photocopy of the photo page for one of the following:

  • passport
  • driver's licence
  • refugee asylum card
  • national ID card from a country where it is an accepted form of travel document or a public services card

Why you need to register a birth

It is the law in Ireland that you must register a birth.

When you register a birth, you can purchase a copy of the birth certificate. Birth certificates are needed for many official activities.

These include:

  • enrolling your child in a crèche or school
  • applying for a passport for your child
  • applying for child benefit allowance

Married parents registering a birth

If both parents are married to each other and the marriage took place in Ireland, either parent can register the birth.

If the marriage was outside of Ireland, bring a copy of the marriage certificate. We can accept the multilingual form (a form in English and another language) available from most embassies or registration services. If it is not in English, a translation must be from a certified translation service.

Unmarried parents registering a birth

If you are not married, both parents must sign the birth registration form and bring valid photo ID.

If both parents cannot do this, phone the civil registration service for advice.

If parents marry after the birth

Parents who marry after their child is born should register the birth again. You can do this even if you recorded the father's details when you first registered the birth.

Re-registering or change details

Re-registering to include a parent's details is free.

It costs €5 to insert or change the child's first name. A child's surname cannot be amended once the birth is registered.

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