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Marriage notification appointment checklist

You will need to download and complete the capture of data form and bring it to the appointment.

Documents everyone needs

Both of you must bring the original and a colour photocopy of the photo page of one of the following:

  • passport
  • refugee card/asylum card issued by Department of Justice and Equality
  • national identity card from an EU country accepting them as a travel document

Photo ID documents must be in date.

You will also need:

  • the original and photocopy of your birth certificates
  • proof of address - original and photocopy dated within last 3 months
  • your PPS numbers

If your documents are not in English or Irish you must provide translations.

Ceremony details

You will need to provide the following information about your ceremony:

  • the type of service
  • name and address of proposed venue
  • name of registered solemniser
  • name and date of birth of both witnesses

If you are divorced

You will need an original or certified copy, and photocopy, of your divorce decree. If there is a stay on the divorce decree, bring this too.

Contact the civil registration service for advice if you divorced in another country. 

Widow or widower

You will need the:

  • original and photocopy of the civil marriage certificate(s)
  • original and photocopy of the civil death certificate(s) of late spouse(s)

In a civil partnership

If you are in a civil partnership:

Contact a civil registration service if you wish to get married.

You will need the original and a photocopy of the civil partnership certificate.

Previous civil partnership

For a previous civil partnership, you will need the final decree of dissolution.

Surviving civil partner

You will need the:

  • original and photocopy of the civil partnership certificate(s)
  • original and photocopy of the civil death certificate(s) of late civil partner(s)

If you have a civil annulment

You will need the:

  • original and photocopy of the civil annulment court order
  • court letter and photocopy confirming there is no appeal lodged against the order

If either of you were born outside of Ireland

If you were not born in Ireland, you will need a birth certificate with an apostille stamp.

The embassy or consular services in the country you were born in will issue the stamp. It verifies the genuineness of the signature or seal on a document.

You do not need to have your birth certificate stamped or verified if you are from:

  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Romania.

You will also need:

  • proof of address - original and photocopy of a utility bill
  • PPS number - if you have a current address, or will have a future address, in Ireland
  • nature of ceremony - civil, religious or secular
  • name of the solemiser
  • name and address of the proposed venue
  • names and date of birth of both witnesses
  • evidence of civil status - civil letter of freedom to marry

If one of you is not an EU citizen

Please bring up-to-date evidence of immigration status.

If you speak to each other in a language that is not English or Irish, you must provide an interpreter. You will also need to do this at the ceremony.

Interpreters must be from an independent verifiable translation or interpretation service.

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page last reviewed: 21/10/2018
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