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Nicotine inhaler (or inhalator)

A nicotine inhaler looks a bit like a cigarette. It has a mouthpiece and cartridges that contain nicotine. When you use it, you inhale nicotine into your body. It is sometimes called an inhalator.

This is a fast-acting form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) that can be used in combination with nicotine patches. Combination is the best way to use NRT to help you stop smoking. It is safe and recommended in Ireland's National Clinical Guideline on Stop Smoking Care.

Inhalers are useful if you miss the routine of smoking and the puffing sensation. They can help replace the physical act of smoking.

You can get NRT for free through:

  • our stop smoking advisors
  • our Quitline on 1800 201 203
  • your GP if you have a medical card

Learn about getting NRT and how it works

Choosing the correct cartridges for your nicotine inhaler

You can get cartridges for nicotine inhalers in 2 different strengths - 10mg and 15mg.

To find out which product and strength are right for you, talk to:

  • your pharmacist
  • a stop smoking advisor - they can give you information and advice on NRT and how to stop smoking

Inhalers work very quickly and are good for satisfying cravings. Each cartridge has enough nicotine for around 400 puffs.


  • do not use more than 12 cartridges of the 10mg strength a day

  • do not use more than 6 cartridges of the 15mg strength a day

When you feel ready, reduce the number of cartridges you use so that you can eventually stop using them.

If you’re finding it hard to stop using your nicotine inhaler, talk to your stop smoking advisor, pharmacist or GP for advice.

Page last reviewed: 5 October 2022
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