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Prevention - Alzheimer's disease

There is no certain way to prevent Alzheimer's disease. But a healthy lifestyle can help reduce your risk.

Reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease has been linked with an increased risk of:

Try to reduce your risk of developing these by:

  • stopping smoking
  • keeping alcohol to a minimum
  • eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • exercising for at least 150 minutes every week - with moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as walking, swimming or jogging
  • making sure your blood pressure is checked and controlled through regular health tests
  • if you have diabetes, make sure you keep to the diet and take your medicine

Staying mentally and socially active

Rates of dementia are lower in people who are mentally and socially active.

It may be possible to reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia by:

  • reading
  • learning foreign languages
  • playing musical instruments
  • volunteering in your local community
  • taking part in group sports, such as bowling
  • trying new activities or hobbies
  • maintaining an active social life

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Page last reviewed: 1 September 2022
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