Playgrounds and play near roads keeping your child safe

Not all playground equipment is regularly checked. To make sure your child is safe:

  • supervise them when they are playing
  • put them on age and size appropriate items
  • look out for sharp edges or bits sticking out which could get caught up in clothing
  • check rails on climbing frames or steps up slides
  • check that roundabouts have lots of hand grips and room for children to comfortably enjoy the ride
  • check your child's clothing to make sure their are no ties or cords. These could get caught and cause strangulation

Playing near roads

Always accompany children on or near roads. Children under 12 should not cross the road alone. You need to teach children about road safety from when they are very young.

Cycling safety

To reduce the risks to children when cycling:

  • they should always wear a helmet that fits
  • they should wear reflective or high-vis clothing
  • the bicycle's brakes, lights, reflectors, tyres and bell should be working
  • the bicycle should be the right size for them

Children under 12 years should not cycle on their own in or near traffic. It is too dangerous.

If you plan to cycle on a public road with children, make sure that they have the necessary skills and confidence to be safe.

Push scooter safety

To reduce the risks to your child when on a push scooter they should:

  • never use their scooter on the road
  • always wear a helmet that fits wear protective equipment that fits, including knee, wrist, elbow pads
  • use a scooter that is suitable for their weight, age and height

Young children are most at risk of injuries using a push scooter. Common injuries include falls, cuts and bruises.

Page last reviewed: 28 March 2019
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