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Using a bottle to give expressed milk

If you plan to use a bottle to give your baby expressed breast milk, use a bottle nipple that allows the milk to flow out slowly. This is sometimes called a 'slow flow' nipple. It will help your baby to pace the feed and control the amount of milk they take.

Equipment for bottle-feeding

You could also use a feeder cup or a spoon to feed your baby your expressed milk.

Child using a feeder cup to drink expressed milk
You can use a feeder cup to give your child expressed milk

Expressing occasionally for a feed

When expressing milk for occasional use, try to express in the morning. Your milk supply is higher after sleep so expressing at this time reduces the impact on your supply.

Read more about your milk supply

Your baby will probably not drink the same amount of milk at each feeding. Watch their behaviour and do not force them to finish the bottle if they do not want it. 

It's important to encourage responsive feeding while bottle-feeding your baby.

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Page last reviewed: 12 April 2022
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