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All unplanned pregnancy counselling sessions are confidential. Counsellors will not share your personal information or anything you discuss with anyone.

There are circumstances, however, in which the counsellor may have to share information. If this happens, a counsellor will only give information to the relevant authorities.

Counsellors will not break confidentiality without discussing it with you first. They may need to though if discussing it with you puts you or someone else at risk.

This may arise where a counsellor has reason to believe that:

  • you’re at risk of harm
  • there is a child protection issue
  • other people are at risk of harm

The counsellor may also have to disclose (share) information if they are mandated by law or a court order. They may also have to share information if it’s in the public interest.

page last reviewed: 19/12/2018
next review due: 19/12/2021

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