Renew or replace an EHIC

Renew an EHIC online

You can renew an EHIC online if:

  • you have your old EHIC number and your PPS number
  • your address has not changed

Check the expiry date on your card

You must apply to renew your EHIC when its expiry date is up. They are not reissued automatically.

Replace an EHIC

You must be living in Ireland to renew or replace your EHIC.

Contact your local health office if you:

  • do not have your old EHIC
  • do not know your EHIC number
  • changed your address
  • changed your name

Get a temporary EHIC

Before you travel

If you need an EHIC urgently, you can request a Temporary Replacement Certificate in person at your local health office.

While you're away

If your card expires while you're abroad, your treating hospital can request a temporary EHIC for you.

If a Temporary Replacement Certificate cannot be arranged you might be charged for treatment abroad. You can apply for a refund by email.

If you live in Dublin, Wicklow or Kildare only send your receipts to

If you live in any other county send your receipts to

We will get back to you with details of the refund process.

Page last reviewed: 27 July 2022
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