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If you are affected by a data breach

The HSE has a high court order to stop personal and medical information that may have been stolen in this cyber attack from being published online.

We are working with digital publishers, search engines, social media networks and our legal team to make sure that any information that has been stolen is not shared online.

Specialists and our legal team are also monitoring websites used by criminals to check for activity involving any data stolen in the cyber attack.

If we are alerted to stolen information appearing online, we will contact the Data Protection Commission and take the necessary action.

There is no evidence that large amounts of patient or staff data has been published online or sold to criminals involved in fraud.

If your data is published online

If you find that your personal or medical information is published online you can report it to the HSE. We will set up an email address once our systems have been restored.

Removing personal data from a website

If you see your personal or medical information on a website or social media, you can request that it is removed.

Most social media services have a link to report content. You can also make a formal request to the website's data protection officer. The website's privacy policy usually explains how to do this.

Read more about data protection and your rights on the DPC website

If you get a blackmail threat

If someone threatens to publish your data and demands a payment, report it at your local Garda station.

Bring screenshots of any emails or text messages you get and a record of any calls.

Do not engage with cybercriminals or pay any ransom. Your data may still be published, even if you pay. The criminals may also continue to make demands.

Read advice on dealing with suspected scam call, texts or emails

Information that can help

You may be worried about your personal or medical information being made public.

There are organisations that can help or provide information that can help you:

  • Crime Victims Helpline - provides confidential support to victims of crime in Ireland
  • FraudSMART - provides information and advice on common banking frauds and scams

Find mental health supports and services

page last reviewed: 28/05/2021
next review due: 28/05/2024