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If you're worried about your hearing

If you've noticed a problem with your own hearing, speak to your GP.

If your GP thinks it's necessary, they may refer you to the HSE audiology service. In some cases, your GP may refer you to an ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultant at a hospital.

How ENT can help

ENT departments in hospitals treat acute hearing problems. They will assess and treat hearing problems with surgery or medication if required.

If the ENT consultant thinks you have a longer-term (or 'chronic') hearing problem that they cannot treat with surgery or medication, they may refer you to the HSE audiology service.

How the HSE audiology service can help

The HSE audiology service helps adults with chronic hearing problems.

It provides free hearing aids to adults with medical cards in Ireland.

If you're a member of the Department of Social Protection's Treatment Benefit Scheme, you can also get some money towards the cost of hearing aids. But this will depend on your PRSI contributions.

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