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Order a Quit kit - your quit smoking kit

Order a Quit kit today and we will post out some things to help you quit smoking.

The Quit kit includes a:

  • guide to quitting with information and tips to help you quit for good
  • money box to save the cash you do not spend on cigarettes
  • pad of sticky notes and Quit pencil - every time you reach to write a note, know we are here to support you
  • card for your wallet with our contact details and tips for dealing with cravings

The quit kit does not include free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). This is because there are different types and strengths of NRT.

If you want to get free NRT, select the option to have a call with a stop smoking advisor when you sign up. Your advisor can help you find the type of NRT that's best for you.

Ordering Quit information on the Health Promotion website

You can order booklets on smoking in English, Irish and other languages on the Health Promotion website.

  1. Visit
  2. In the Search by topic field, enter 'Smoking'.
  3. Enter the quantity of items you need and select Add to basket.
  4. Select View your basket to provide your details and complete your order.

Page last reviewed: 5 October 2022
Next review due: 5 October 2025