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Type 1 diabetes in young people

If your child is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, they'll be looked after by a specialist diabetes team. This is up until they are referred to an adolescent or adult services usually between the ages of 16-18 years.

The diabetes team will provide education and support to help you to manage your child's Type 1 diabetes. They will help you with things like injecting insulin, testing blood glucose levels, and diet.

They can give advice to your child's school or child care to help staff understand and manage this condition.

You'll have appointments with the care team every 1 or 2 weeks at first.

At first, your child will need frequent follow-up appointments to support all the family. These appointments should help with adjusting insulin doses and to support you with carbohydrate counting.

These appointments will be less frequent as you learn the skills you need to manage your child's type 1 diabetes.

Helpful information for young people with diabetes

The HSE has developed a resource pack for families (PDF 42 pages 8.2MB) with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes.

The Diabetes Ireland website has information on children with Type 1 diabetes.

The Type 1 diabetes charity JDRF has information for young people living with Type 1 diabetes on their website.

page last reviewed: 27/11/2020
next review due: 27/11/2023

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