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Who can get it - Sepsis

Anyone with an infection can get sepsis.

People at risk

People more at risk of an infection that could lead to sepsis, include:

  • babies younger than 1 year
  • people age 75 or older
  • people who are frail
  • people with diabetes
  • people with a weak immune system
  • people who are having chemotherapy treatment
  • women who have just given birth or have recently been pregnant - including those who have had a miscarriage or abortion
  • people who have recently had surgery
  • people who have recently had a serious illness
  • people taking medication that affects their immune system - ask your GP or pharmacist if you are unsure
  • people who have chronic kidney, heart, liver or lung disease

Bacterial infections such as MRSA can be a risk factor for sepsis. Antibiotics often don't work with these bacteria. They are resistant to antibiotics.

Page last reviewed: 3 October 2022
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