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Update your contact details

You can change your postal address, email and phone number on the CervicalCheck register yourself. You can also contact us.

Changing your contact details

  1. On the update your contact details form, enter your PPS number and date of birth and select Proceed. If you are on the CervicalCheck register, the page will display the date of your next screening test.
  2. In the section to provide your name and address, complete the blank fields.
  3. Under 'Have you ever had a smear test?', select the option that applies to you.
  4. Select Submit.

We need the correct postal address for you

If you are not sure if we have your correct address on our register, follow the steps above.

This is so we can write to you when your:

How we use your personal information

When to contact us

Contact us:

  • if you cannot make the changes online
  • to remove you from the register if you have moved abroad

What to do if you are age 25-65 and not on the register

Opting out of cervical screening

If you decide that screening is not for you and you do not want any more invitations, you can opt out.

How to opt out of cervical screening

Page last reviewed: 19 December 2022
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