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Breast screening access for women with additional needs

Check, update or join the breast screening register

If someone needs more support for a breast screen, we can help.

You can also bring someone to your appointment to help and support you.

To ask for support:

We can give you a longer time slot if you need extra time for your appointment.

Wheelchair access

Accessible parking is available close to all static screening units.

We try to set up our mobile units in places that have accessible parking. Call the number on your invitation letter to check if there is accessible parking at the mobile unit.

All mobile units have lifts for a wheelchair to access the unit.

Hearing aids

All our units have loop systems for people with hearing aids.

Accessible information

We can provide information in other ways.

Let us know if you need:

  • a sign language interpreter
  • a language interpreter
  • information in Braille

Learning disabilities

If you need more help understanding what happens at breast screening, we have:

  • leaflets that are easy to read
  • video with subtitles

More information on accessibility

Breast screening with a disability -

BreastCheck's commitment to accessibility

Page last reviewed: 3 November 2022
Next review due: 3 November 2025