Breast screening access for women with additional needs

If you or someone you care for has a disability or needs extra support to take part in BreastCheck, we can help. Please call the number on your invitation letter or email to ask for support.

You can also email or Freephone 1800 45 45 55 to speak to the access officer.

Please let us know if you need extra time for your appointment so we can book you a longer time slot.

You can bring someone with you to your appointment to help and support you.

Wheelchair access

We are working hard to make sure our screening units are accessible to as many people as possible who have a disability and for most types of wheelchair.

Please call the number on your invitation letter to contact your BreastCheck unit to check that your wheelchair can be accommodated.

Accessible parking is also available close to all our static screening units.

We do our best to make sure that there is accessible parking available at our mobile units. However as our static and mobile units are usually on a shared site we cannot always guarantee accessible car parking spaces are vacant.

Hearing aids

All our units have loop systems for people with hearing aids.

Information in all other formats

We can provide information in all other formats if needed.

Please contact us if you need information in a different format such as:

  • a sign language interpreter
  • a language interpreter
  • information in Braille

Learning disabilities

If you need extra help to understand what happens at your screening we have:

  • ‘easy to read’ leaflets
  • video with subtitles
  • a leaflet for you or your carer, your support person, GP or medical guardian

More information on accessibility

Guides on breast screening for women who have a disability.

Breast screening for women who need extra support (PDF, 1.9 MB, 20 pages)

BreastCheck's commitment to accessibility (PDF, 515 KB, 6 pages)

Page last reviewed: 27 May 2019
Next review due: 27 May 2022