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Post-abortion check-up

You will be offered a free post-abortion check-up about 2 weeks after having an abortion.

You can have this check up with the GP or doctor you spoke to at your pre-abortion consultation. This will be by phone or video link. This is a temporary change due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This appointment is optional. You don't have to go. But it is free of charge. You should have it.

Your GP or doctor will make sure that the abortion is complete and that you are healing properly.

You will also have the chance to talk with them about:

The check-up appointment is confidential.

If you decide not to have a post-abortion check-up

If you don't have your post abortion check-up, the doctor might call you instead.

If you are not available to take the call, it is up to you to contact the doctor if you need to speak to them.


You can get pregnant almost immediately after an abortion.

Your GP can give you advice and a prescription for contraception.

If your method of contraception failed or didn’t suit you, talk to your GP or doctor.

You should be given information about and offered a choice of all methods. This includes long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) methods.

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