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Disability services for children

  • Children's disability services

    Children's disability services are for children and young people up to 18 years. Services include speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy, paediatrics, dietetics, social work. Your GP or public health nurse can refer you for the service your child needs.

  • Find a children's disability service

    Find out about services for children with a disability in your area and how to get in touch with them.

  • Get a referral for children's disability services

    Your GP or public health nurse can help you to get the right services to support you and your child. For some services you can make the referral yourself. Contact a children's disability service about this.

  • Occupational therapy for children with a disability

    An occupational therapist assesses your child to see what they can do, and what they find difficult. They can help your child develop skills to be used at home and in school.

  • Physiotherapy for children with a disability

    A physiotherapist helps children with disabilities improve movement and function in the body caused by problems with muscles, bones or the nervous system.

  • Psychology support for children with a disability

    A psychologist can assess your child’s progress in learning, thinking, problem solving, play skills, social skills, emotional and behavioural development. They may offer a treatment programme for you and your family.

  • Dietitian support for children with a disability

    By seeing a dietitian, children and young people with a disability can improve the amount of food and drink they consume, manage their weight, improve their immune system and mobility.

  • Paediatric care for children with a disability

    A paediatrician may assess and diagnose disorders of development, provide medication information and connect with teams of other health professionals.

  • Social work for children with disabilities

    A social worker can help you with referrals to other services, find resources in the community and help with applications for benefits and services.

  • Speech and language therapy for children with a disability

    Speech and language therapists (SLTs) will show you ways to support your child’s communication or feeding skills. They assess your child’s needs, set short and long-term goals and link with other relevant services.