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How alcohol affects your health and wellbeing

HSE Drugs and Alcohol Helpline: Freephone 1800 459459 for confidential information and support

HSE services and information

Alcohol and health

How alcohol affects your physical and mental health and how to reduce the risks

Information for parents about young people

How to communicate with your child about alcohol and other drugs

Self-help for problem alcohol or drug use

How to give up or cut down if alcohol or drugs are causing problems in your life

Alcohol dependence

Signs and patterns of alcohol dependence and what can increase your risk

Coping with difficult situations

How to cope with difficult alcohol-related situations

Drinks calculator

Use our drinks calculator to find out how your drinking affects your health, wallet and weight

Use the drinks calculator

Self assessment tool

Take our alcohol test to find out more about what type of drinker you are and the impact of your drinking

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Alcohol support and services

Find alcohol treatment and support services in Ireland

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